History and philosophy

The idea of the restaurant started from the need of Rhodes for a night out in the winter time when most restaurants are closed and are on holiday.logo

Starting in May 2005 we aimed to offer Mediterranean cuisine with quality products from our land and good and decent Greek wine list to represent most geographical parts of Greece.

We offer various portions of servings to sate every kind of apetite (with the appropriate values) or one could simply try a glass of wine from the options that are served by the glass. It is a proposal for those who want to try Greek wines and explore the Greek winemakers.

We start the morning with light meals, delicious appetizers and continue with delicious fresh pasta and a combination of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine prepared with great enthusiasm. The main dishes include Mediterranean recipes with flavors from Greece and Italy and more classic dishes such as filet or a juicy T-bone steak.

Objectives – Value for money

slide1The first years we invited many Michelin Star Chefs to cook in our kitchen as guest chefs and we had wonderful evenings with much enthusiasm and special joys for those who discovered the pleasures of gastronomy.

We made a reputation of a quality restaurant with reasonable prices.

From our side we gained new friends and did a good promotion of quality gastronomy. The excitement was great and we met with Michelin Star chefs we saw and we heard from the TV.